8 video lessons (40 to 60 minutes) delivered by Innovation expert Claire Quigley

Case studies, tools, and frameworks to help you implement what you're learning right away

Lifetime access to all resources and content in the program

Certificate of Completion that can be put on your LinkedIn profile

After completing the Transform and Elevate your Innovation Program, you'll be equipped with new knowledge and skills around:


  • Discovering, Designing, and Executing innovation planning.

  • Tools and skills to be able to make decisions faster so that you're not beaten on the market by inferior competitor offerings.

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the 4 zones that you need to be involved in for innovation.

  • Understand and employ an Innovation resource and management mindset.

  • An introduction to quick moving, forward thinking metrics, to truly quantify your innovation successes.


"The University of Newcastle’s I2N is expected to service a wide variety of customers, from sole proprietors through to SME leaders and corporate entrepreneurs. Claire has proven time and again her capacity to deliver engaging content in an insightful and thoughtful manner, using practical frameworks and examples. Claire is generous in her knowledge and is very practical and down to earth - there is no spin - which is very refreshing. If you decide to work with Claire you won’t be disappointed."

Siobhan Curran

Senior Manager, I2N and Innovation,

University of Newcastle

"Other speakers can talk the talk but may not really know the depths of it all. Claire knew it backwards and founders can pick up on that instantly. And they really responded so well to the content because they trusted her. This is perfect for anyone really committed to looking at how they can improve things – it’s for someone willing to commit, not someone wanting a quick training to tick a box."

Dimity Smith

Project Officer, NSW Rural Women's Network at NSW Department of Primary Industries and Community, Outreach and Communications Manager, UNE SMART Region Incubator

"The work for us was about commercialisation and improving the speed and efficiency to market of great innovation. Claire has a great handle on this topic. She doesn’t pull any punches, you are not going to get a business as usual report."









Nik Wyman

CFO, Ampcontrol Group

What's inside?

  • Module 1: Your Innovation Weigh-in

    What does innovation mean to you and why are you not getting the results you want? Unpack 8 pillars of power when it comes to setting your business up for success around innovation practices. Get clarity on where you are strong and where you have been underperforming which is leading to the frustrating outputs.

  • Module 2: Overcoming Innovation Obstacle​

    When breaking through thresholds into new arenas of success for you as a leader and for the business, you will absolutely come up against obstacles. Here we unpack what the main obstacles are when implementing or improving innovation practices. Recognising and managing these obstacles will be crucial to the level of success you can achieve when pushing potential.

  • Module 3: Stepping it up

    Learn how to start moving your business from a position of being resigned to the current future, with mediocre same-same results, to being inspired by a new future where you are kicking serious goals as a collective.

  • Module 4: The 4 Zones

    88% of great businesses attribute their results to the extraordinary execution of ideas. Become familiar with the 4 zones you need to play in to achieve extraordinary execution of innovation in, and for your business.

  • Module 5: Zone 1 - Relevant

    When we start to win, we start to hunker down and protect what we have, which leads to taking small, safe incremental innovation. By spreading innovation across a risk spectrum, you will ensure you are nurturing the current business growth, whilst pushing boundaries to ensure you are relevant in 3 - 5 years time.

  • Module 6: Zone 2 - Responsive

    If you experience a lot of ‘fence-sitting’ in terms of decision making, this lesson will help solve this issue. Learn how to create the space and structure necessary to enable decisions to be made quickly, action to be taken, and transparency to be embedded, and expected.  

  • Module 7: Zone 3 - Resourced

    Do you lead according to the traffic light or roundabout mindset? Have you equipped your people with what they need to succeed, for themselves and for you? Learn what to look for when identifying organisational debt, and eliminating it. Innovation is not a nice to do, it is a must do.

  • Module 8: Zone 4 - Measured for Results

    Unpack metrics that will drive strategic, operational and executional management of your innovation practices. Use metrics to remove assumptions and create a common ground for business leaders to truly understand the impact of go/stop/pause on innovation projects. 


  • 1. What will I / my team take away from this Program?

    A practical framework that will empower your organisation to transform and elevate your innovation practices across three core components:


    • Find and eliminate your Innovation Blind spots
    • Design the innovation architecture that is going to best work for your capabilities and goals.
    • Execute and elevate your innovation practices in a confident, clear manner that will drive more consistent, sustainable returns.

  • 2. How can I / we learn all of this in just 8 modules?

    You don’t. You learn the framework and how to apply its thinking and tools. You get weekly support from Claire and from peers on a similar journey. You test, you learn, you transform, you elevate. This program is designed to give you the core building blocks you need to change or create the innovation results you want, whether this is creating a collaborative culture, a clear and accountable delivery framework or building a governance model that leverages your people and capabilities in completely new ways.

  • 3. Who is this program for?

    This program is designed for Senior Management responsible for designing and overseeing innovation strategy, and Middle Management who are responsible for implementation of innovation strategy. Examples include: C level execs, Corporate Managers, Strategy Managers, Innovation Managers, General Managers.

  • 4. How is this program different to other innovation programs out there?

    Great question! There are a couple of key differences about this program:


    • Learn, Apply, Grow Model
      90% of learning is lost unless it is reinforced within 30 days, and research shows humans can retain just up to nine chunks of information at any one time.

      Instead of cramming hours of videos, papers and eBooks into this program, we have purposefully designed it to allow participants to:

      Learn via videos and case studies delivered each week

      Apply learning via the given tools and thinking immediately

      Grow via the experience of applying these tools and thinking, and having reinforced learning on coaching-consulting call (optional) and through our private LinkedIn group where you can interact and learn with other members.

      By approaching learning in this way, participants have a much greater chance at success both in terms of their learning retention and taking the action needed immediately to transform and elevate your innovation practices.


    • Complete Innovation Landscape View
      This program goes beyond strategic tools and theory to delve into practical and realistic applications at a strategic, operational and tactical level. In other words, you get to view the entire landscape as opposed to certain landmarks. What is the point in creating a great innovation strategy if there is no true measurement of its success or failure for example? Or how can you create innovation culture goals without identifying and providing the necessary tools and skills for this to happen? For innovation to work, all three levels of thinking are required. This program exposes participants to not just the design of innovation transformation, but to truly consider what levers and dials are needed to help your organisation fluidly work at multiple innovation speeds.


    • New thinking for new results
      The first thing you will hear Claire say is that Innovation is not a linear process. It is dispositional and requires new thinking for new results. We do not see value in giving you a prescribed approach – we see value in asking questions of you to help you think differently about how your organisation innovates and why.
      The program doesn't just teach fluid concepts, it provides an actual framework to execute innovation in your business, allowing your team to design the innovation structures together. Only then can you step onto the innovation playing field as a leader.

Transform and Elevate Your Innovation Program

Understanding and employing an Innovation resource and management mindset with a shared approach and genuine alignment, will help bring your management team together.


One-time payment per person (for duration of COVID-19)


  • Immediate access to your membership platform with 8 video lessons (from 40 to 60 minutes each) created by Claire Quigley

  • Case studies, tools, and frameworks to help you implement what you're learning right away

  • Lifetime access to all resources and content in the program

  • Upon completion you will receive a downloadable and verifiable certificate of completion that can be put on your LinkedIn profile

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